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I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of incredible mentors that supported me through high school and college. As a result, I care deeply about empowering young students through education, outreach, and science communication, particularly at the high school level. I have two summers of experience teaching marine science to high school students through the Advanced Studies Program at St. Paul's School in Concord, NH, a program that serves students from public high schools across New Hampshire through intensive (and fun!) summer courses in a variety of disciplines. In Marine Science, work was centered around hands-on learning experiences in NH's rocky intertidal, mudflat, and saltmarsh ecosystems, as well as lab-based experiments with marine organisms such as hermit crabs, snails, and sea urchins. As a teaching intern, I prepared lesson plans, led field excursions, and fostered an appreciation in students for our state's natural resources.

As an undergraduate, I spent four semesters as a teaching assistant in labs related to cell and molecular biology, helping students at all levels become comfortable with a variety of lab-based skills. As a Graduate Teaching Assistant at UNC for Introduction to Environment & Society (ENEC 201), I led four recitations over two semesters, a course which focused on the role of social, political and economic factors in controlling interactions between society and the environment. I recently served as a mentor through Fox Lane High School's Science Research Program and am currently mentoring two undergraduate students in the Castillo Lab. This summer, I will be co-mentoring a high school student and undergraduate student in independent research as part of UNC's WinSPIRE program and UNC's SURF Program.

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